Google Workshop for local businesses

Google travels to Stourbridge: MP encourages local businesses to sign up for a free digital session

Margot James MP is co-hosting a Google workshop for businesses in Stourbridge, following a recent study by the Boston Consulting Group that indicated that businesses which are online grow four to eight times faster than those who aren’t. The Google workshop offers free advice for businesses who want to grow their business on the Internet with tips on how to improve their web presence, boost traffic and increase business.

Working with the Ruskin Glass Centre and the Federation of Small Businesses, Margot will be co-hosting the workshop in the facilities at the Centre on Friday 30th November from 3.00-4.30pm

Commenting on the forthcoming Juice Bar, Margot James MP said: “I am delighted that we have been able to invite this national initiative to our local area whose expertise will be of real benefit to small businesses in our area. A successful online presence can be a vital tool for businesses based in Stourbridge and successful small businesses mean a strong local economy. I hope that as many businesses as possible take advantage of the expertise on offer from Google and sign up to this event.”

Dan Cobley, Managing Director of Google UK said: “We know that small businesses actively using the Internet grow at a much faster rate than those companies with no web presence. We hope that local businesses in and around Stourbridge will take advantage of this free digital session to understand how important the Internet is to their growth, how easy it is to get online and how this can contribute to the economic growth of the wider
economy.” Leigh White, Manager of the Ruskin Glass Centre & Glasshouse Arts Centre, said: “We are thrilled to be hosting Margot for these essential business workshops. It is imperative that we support businesses in improving their marketing and communication skills in order for them to survive in such a competitive marketplace. We are very aware of the challenges that face small business as we are home to 18 small independent businesses on site, based within Ruskin Glass Centre.”

These workshops are active, informal and friendly and businesses can find out more about reaching local customers, getting advice on improving their website, using Google analytics to learn about customers and understanding how to best advertise online.

Sessions can be booked online at

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