Introduction to Enamelling (Sundays; available on a half day or full day session)

from 9:30 am until 4:30 pm

Working with powdered enamel, this introductory day will include a taster selection of techniques, e.g. how to prepare copper blanks, sifting and firing, stencils and riso screens and decorative media/embedding.  You will complete up to two pieces to take home with you (half day session) or up to four pieces (full day’s session) – choosing from pendants, brooches, small panels or mini works of art.

All equipment, tools, materials and findings included.  Suitable for adults and children (aged 9+) with a paying adult.

Cost; £25/£45 per person

Contact Luane Steele to confirm your booking – mobile: 07515 474142 /email: [email protected]

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