from 7:30 pm until 9:15 pm

 To reserve tickets, please call 01384 399430 or email [email protected]

Tickets £6

Part of the Why? festival, supported by Disability Arts Network and Black Country Touring.

 krip hop

By Krip-Hop Nation is an international platform for disabled Hip-Hop artists and an independent voice for disability led justice and politics. Featuring MCs, rappers, DJs and musicians from the US, Germany, Uganda and the UK. Founded by Leroy Moore, Krip Hop is more than music, it is activism and education.

 Leroy Moore says, “We are really happy to be returning to the UK for this tour. Krip-Hop is more than music; as a movement it is gathering momentum…we have been following developments in the UK, from hate crime to the cuts to disability benefits, and we’ll be responding to this through our work.  We’ll also be celebrating and combining our international disability culture to Hip-Hop culture”.

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