The Tale of The Pig

from 6:30 pm until 7:30 pm

Pericles Theatre Co. with Black Country Touring.

 To reserve tickets, please call 01384 399430 or email [email protected]

Ticket £6/£4 concession/16 family of four

Family Show

Watch the (great!) trailer:


 Adapted from a quirky Romanian folk tale, this is a is a play about transformation; shedding the outer skin to reveal the beauty inside; overcoming obstacles to find the true joy that can only come as the fruit of great suffering.

 The Tale of The Pig is an innovative project aimed at challenging people’s perceptions of disability. Professional artists and volunteers, together with people with disabilities work to create a quality theatre production which will tour in the UK. Learning the crafts of acting, costume and prop-making and scenery building can build confidence, develop self-expression, lead to work outside the care sector and ultimately towards independence.


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