COVID-19 Update: 15/06/2020

With changes in Government rules, from 15 June some more of the studio occupiers are able to/want to open and there will public access to the Glasshouse site, but only to the Ruskin Glass Centre and the outlying Acid House and Reception area studios.  We want to be sure that everyone is kept safe and well and have a worthwhile visit, so we are asking visitors to the Centre to be aware that:

  *   not all studios are open and others are working to sporadic hours – we advise contacting any studio you specifically want to visit before setting out – it may save a wasted journey (contact details are available on this website and we also advise checking the websites of individual studios)

  *   be aware that we are asking all visitors to report to reception during College hours and for studios to collect visitors

  *   observe social-distancing and hygiene measures as advised by HM Government and any on-site signage and warning signs

  *   public access is not available beyond the Glass Centre and Acid House Studios.

Please note that the Cafe and Heritage Centre remain closed for the time being.

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