Artworks For Change

My inspiration to create art comes from my fascination with the
shape and form of our natural world: spirals, whorls, curls and circles

My materials are the plants I find around me;
flowers, leaves, seeds and cones which I dry and preserve…

I see spirals in the movement of the leaves and the shape of the
flowers and cones so I gather them up and use them to make art

My ideas are to explore my place in the natural world, how I affect it
and it affects me; to enjoy the creative process and to meditate on
the intricate shapes and forms around us that often go unnoticed
and to offer this opportunity to others

My values are to promote the importance of natural, green places;
of fields, woods, gardens, moors and meadows together with
respect of human uniqueness and offering
opportunities for positive change and improved wellbeing

My work includes my own art practice and providing opportunities
for individuals and groups to be creative, using these to foster
therapeutic conversations, trusting relationships, community
connections, creative action and to help people get the support they
need to live a fulfilling life

My community includes everyone, focusing particularly on people
who are disadvantaged and marginalised due to disability and
ill-health and their carers and families

Helen Garbett – Artworks For Change

Helen has a degree in fine art and is a qualified social worker, practice educator and mediator registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

Activities and Workshops

Helen offers art activities for adults and young people in small groups or one to one including workshops during school and college holidays, creative opportunities for people with disabilities and family carers, supports home education and is an Arts Award Advisor.

Artworks For Change Workshops & Classes

Contemporary felt making workshop.  Suitable for beginners of any age.  All materials and drinks provided.

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