Sonja Sabri Company present Labyrinth

from 7:30 am until 9:15 pm

Sonia Sabri and Ash Mukherjee

Friday 6 June,  7.30pm

at Glasshouse Arts Centre, Wollaston Road, DY8 4HF.

Tickets £8 and £6. Box Office 399458.

Labyrinth brings together two of the UK’s finest artists, Sonia Sabri and Ash Mukherjee for a sumptuous performance of South Asian dance, Kathak and Bharatanatyam.

 The evening unveils two virtuoso soloists illustrating the distinct power of each dance style originating from the North & South of India. Sonia performs her immaculate Kathak, expressing the fluid, lyrical and rhythmic and Ash unleashes the bold, architectural & majestic language of Bharatanatyam.

 The signature piece, Labyrinth was initially inspired by Woody Allen’s brilliant one –act play ‘Death Knocks’ written in 1968 for two characters. Sonia and Ash enter an arresting dialogue with their contrasting dance styles centered around opposites: dark – light, negative – positive, material –

With haunting music score by internationally acclaimed Sarvar Sabri, this high energetic collaboration with provocative drama, skill and speed leaves audiences mesmerised and emotionally charged.

“Sabri and Mukherjee work brilliantly together with their styles of dance sometimes blending and sometimes jarring in an echo of those contrasts…..totally mesmerising.” Diane Parkes, Behind the Arras.



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