Glass Heritage Weekend 2014

from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm

Over the past 8 months an archaeological dig has been going on at The Glasshouse in Amblecote  revealing, along with many fascinating artefacts, the existence of TWO glass cones dating back to the 1690’s.

On October 11th and 12th a ‘Heritage Weekend’ will enable the public to visit the two digs to view the excavations for the last time before they are backfilled at the end of October. The findings will also be on show at this special event.

Ian Dury, Heritage Officer at The Webb Corbett Visitor Centre, says, “With so much information revealed, we are able to boast that we now have on this site, two of the oldest glasshouse remains in Stourbridge, and the artefacts that have been found have enabled us to establish a time line of glassmaking, a time capsule of British glass making if you like, helping us rewrite the history of the Coalbourn Hill and Coalbourn Brook sites”.

In recognising the many different aspects of the dig’s impact on the area, Principal of Glasshouse College, Paul Gawdan added, “The archaeological dig has been an incredibly exciting opportunity for students and staff at Glasshouse College to collaborate with the local community. The discovery of what is believed to be one of the region’s first glass cones is of great historical importance, and a significant chapter in the site’s heritage”.

Featured activities at the Heritage Weekend include:

  • Local History Walks and Talks
  • Ruskin Glass Centre Businesses & Craft Studios
  • Ruskin Glass Centre Cafe
  • Young Diggers
  • British Glass Foundation
  • Amblecote History Society
  • West Midlands Society of Genealogy and Heraldry
  • Dudley MBC Tourism Stand
  • Wollaston Historical Group
  • ‘Glass Echoes’ Exhibition
  • Have-A-Go Taster Sessions
  • Glasshouse College ‘Young Roots’ Project

For further information please contact:

Ian Dury Heritage Officer
Webb Corbett Visitor Centre
The Glasshouse
Wollaston Road
Tel. 07985 098877


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