Beckett Shorts

from 7:30 pm until 8:30 pm

Tickets £6/£4 concession.

Running time: 1hr.

 Two Hoots presents an evening of short plays by Samuel Beckett: Catastrophe, What Where, Rough for Theatre I, Act without words II.


Minimal set and lighting complement the simplicity of Beckett’s work. Tightly choreographed scene changes allow the audience to make links between these contrasting dramas and to fully engage in the actors’ process.

 An autocratic director and his assistant work on some kind of “dramatic presentation”: a man standing still onstage/ four characters: Bam, Bom, Bim and Bem – political satire or an allegory on humanity’s fruitless quest for understanding?/a blind man and a man in a wheelchair consider the possibility of living together until death/two sacks each contain a person, who emerges when prodded and enacts their daily activities.

 Directed by Eva Marie Chadwick, Jessie Dawson and Samuel Rohwer, this collection of short plays is a brilliant example of Beckett’s attempt to unlock a picture of the human condition and illustrates his unique use of language and attention to detail.

 “I was struck by how simple and accessible Beckett’s works could be, perhaps because they were so simply and carefully performed with no egocentricity on the part of the three performers. These plays demand that the actors work in purity and humbleness, and in this production they did, it was a joy to watch.”  Trevor T Smith




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