Woman & Mind Your Head

from 7:30 pm until 9:30 pm

Tickets £8/£6 concession.

Pericles Theatre company and Green Blade Theatre company

In conjunction with Black Country Touring.

 A double bill exploring the intimacy of values, meaning and crisis from a woman’s perspective.



by Pericles Theatre Co.


A medley of stories and music from around the world. A journey through the ages, telling stories about women, their joys and sorrows, sacrifices and achievements. Quirky,  haunting, funny, sad.


Pericles are a mother and daughter duo working together with director Vasile Nedelcu.


Mind your Head

by Green Blade Theatre

A One Woman Show, written and performed by Eva McIntyre.

Directed by David Vann.

Not suitable for children.

Running time 60 mins.


No wonder God is depressed!

Meet Nora – an ageing, jaded choir member; Hilary – a child-despising Sunday school teacher; Pamela – a depressive, guilt-ridden single mum; Julia – a disillusioned priest; and Chelsea – a six-year old child from a dubious home.

 Follow the journeys of five people whose stories first lead God to the brink of despair before rekindling hope. And the sixth character, God, who isn’t at all what they expect.

 Eva McIntyre explores the potent relationship between religion and low self-esteem and how they can collude to devastating effect, leading us further into dark and life-limiting places. “Somehow, a life-bringing divine creator has been turned into an angry and judgmental being of rather limited, human proportions”, says Eva. “In this play, I set out to explore some of the familiar routes people travel on their way to this strange conclusion and some of the less conventional paths they find to peace and fulfilment.”

 “Both entertaining and challenging, Mind Your Head’s often poignant humour reminds us of our collective fragility and the need to look after each other…”. Keith Elliot.

 “Catch the show if you can – it was great (and I’m an atheist!)” Susanne Atherton.




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