Clowning Workshops

from 10:00 am until 5:30 pm

gerryPhysical Clowning and Comedy Workshops

With Gerry Flanagan, Shifting Sands Theatre

10am – 1.00pm Children 9 to 15

2.00 – 5.30 Adults 16+

 “ that wonderful, bewildered clown, Gerry Flanagan” Time Out


Discover how to bring the words of a story alive using movement, action and simple props. We will turn Stories into Theatre.

On this workshop we will:

Do exercises that make words playful and physical.

Bring to life the characters that speak the words.

Develop ways to devise theatre as a group.

With a positive sense of play and co-operation.

Above all – have FUN!


The Clown negotiates the world by playing with it. Playfulness is a guiding

principle for the clown. It can be funny, tragic or nasty but always personal and optimistic.

Discover how to be relaxed, simple and honest on stage.

Develop strong, simple, playful relationships with partners and audience.

Develop an awareness of one’s own stupidity and how to present this.

Take risks and show vulnerability on stage – accept flops and share them.

Above all – have FUN!


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