George F. Jackson – Glass Artist

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George creates unique contemporary pieces of Pâte de Verre glass sculpture.

I am in the process of a creative metamorphosis. Having begun my activities initially as a painter, I swiftly moved towards ceramics. In recent years I have fallen victim to the seductive qualities of glass and the many & varied means of working it.

Glass can be both an exciting and a cruel mistress, very often springing pleasant unexpected surprises, but equally likely to be unforgiving & heartbreaking in its reluctance to behave & perform to expectations. It is full of contradictions – fragile but strong, can be soft in appearance but hard in its nature.

George Jackson Glass

George Jackson Glass

Pâte de Verre is my preferred technique – bringing together a number of skills & working methods. The process lends itself to an incremental, manageable approach, allowing for the gradual development of ideas within a piece of work or theme. There is no pressure or restrictions of working time. The process is affordable, particularly when using recycled glass, as I often do. It is challenging, unpredictable, yet extremely satisfying.

Many of my pieces are wall panels in quite heavy relief featuring a single figure. However, some recent pieces focus more upon simple forms & tactile surfaces.

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