Kairos Sculpture

The Kairos sculpture studio produces hand crafted items from stone, and proprietor, Philip Potter exhibits widely and writes on a variety of subjects.

“I use stone for its durability and relationship to landscape; I like to combine materials together”

Philip Potter began his career in engineering in the many forges and factories of the local areas in the mid 1980’s, and soon discovered he had a love of form and materials. In 1995 he graduated from Loughborough College of Art and Design with a degree in sculpture before working as a boat builder, interior design project manager and Crown Courts administrator. Beginning work in his studio in 2001 teaching stone-carving to students at Glasshouse College he has since gained a Masters of Arts at Birmingham City University where he has taught on the undergraduate program and began a practice led PhD in 2008.

A qualified teacher, sculptor and researcher, with over ten years’ experience in the lifelong learning sector Philip now offers open classes for the public in stone sculpture, hosted at the Kairos Sculpture workshop situated behind the New Ruskin Glass Centre, the fees will include all materials on first time booking and subsequent materials by request, the prices depending upon requirements. Sessions can be tailored to each participant’s entry level of skill and needs from the very beginning up to arts graduate level and beyond.

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