Redpath Glass

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Redpath Glass produces individual handmade glass for the home and garden – from unique gifts to thought-provoking sculpture, we have something special to suit any budget.

Redpath Glass is run by designer-maker Georgia Redpath, and specialises in kiln-formed glass: Glass is heated in a kiln to a temperature where it can be fused, shaped and moulded – producing unique life, colour and texture.

From her studio at the Ruskin Glass Centre, Georgia sells a range of light-hearted glass gifts and homewares which bring beauty and individuality to any room. With everything from handmade cards and jewellery to mirrored wall lighting, Redpath Glass can provide something special to suit any budget.

A combination of colour and imagery takes centre stage in the homewares department. For a number of ranges, Georgia uses techniques adapted from contemporary printmaking. These methods allow customers the option of commissioning bespoke pieces – either matching their own décor or using their own pictorial themes.

In addition to homewares, Georgia works on larger, more thought-provoking sculptural and site-specific pieces for homes, galleries and public spaces. Some are special commissions, while others are produced to satisfy her artistic or technical curiosity – and so available for sale.

With the range of craft studios on site at the Ruskin Glass Centre, there is always a specialist on hand for collaborations – and Georgia’s larger outdoor sculptures take advantage of this. Wood and metalwork in particular can make outdoor glass practical as well as simply stunning.

Examples can be found on the Redpath Glass website, visits, browsers and commissions always welcome.

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